Search Strategy


We begin the process by learning about the organization, culture, department, environment and the role.

We will discuss goals and objectives for the role, key performance indicators, qualifications and sources of talent to seek best-in-class candidates.

Generate a detailed position description, qualification specifications and target compensation goals.

Together, we create a search plan, interview process, background check process and onboarding plan.


We professionally source talent based on the skills, experience and cultural fit required.

Thoroughly interview potential candidates to determine technical skills, soft skills, motivation, long-term potential and cultural fit for the role.

Present a resume and a detailed candidate presentation for each candidate to the client, specifying qualifications, motivation, compensation and details pertaining to the individual beyond the resume.

At the client’s request, we will also interview and assess internal candidates, submitting the same kind of presentation to assist in comparing internal candidates with potential external talent.

We work with your team to facilitate a successful interview process, providing consultation on best practices for assessing talent and creating an amazing candidate experience.



We work with you to select the best candidate for the role and assist in negotiating a compensation package.

Conduct professional reference checks and assist you for relevant positions with obtaining a behavioral assessment.


We assist the candidate in navigating the resignation process and successfully onboarding to your organization in what is often a trying and emotional process.

We conduct follow-up conversations with the newly hired employee and with the hiring team after 30 days and 90 days in order to facilitate conversation between the two regarding what is going well and any issues that may need to be addressed during the transition period.